trombone valve service

Photo 1: This beautiful, original Greenhoe Conn arrived with a sticking valve. The owner, a professional player, was away on tour the next day for three and a half weeks

Photos 2 & 3: Opening the valve exposed the problem – deposit build up had all but caused it to seize completely. 


Photos 4 & 5: I began an immediate strip down which revealed the extent of the build up (this is why I recommend a yearly service!).

Photo 6: A chemical descaling returned it to its original condition.

Photo 7: The valve body was also descaled and cleaned.

Photo 8: Valve in place cleaned, lapped in, degreased and oiled.


Photo 9: The linkages where cleaned and checked until they where working perfectly.

Photos 10 & 11: Everything was finally put back together and working as well as you would expect an original Greenhoe valve to work!

After 30 years as a professional trombone/bass trombone player I appreciate the value of having rotary valves that are as good as they can be. I’ll always take a little extra time to make sure they’re just right.